H o m e 


P i a n o   R a d i o 

V i d e o


N e w s 

C o n c e r t s



G a l l e r y

R e l a t e d


A l b u m s

F r e e

C h a t / 

C o n t a c t s  




R e v i e w s


L i s t e n

D o w n l o a d





D u t c h    P r e s s                 R e v i e w s                   C o m m e n t s


Comments / Reviews



'Holes and waves'


'...restful experimental music..'

'...ambitious three-CD set.. is a limited-edition release that includes twenty-eight piano solos..'

'...The overall feeling of Holes and Waves is open, spacious and very relaxed..'

'.. This is music that slips easily into the background for mood or background music,

yet is complex and interesting enough for repeated active listening..'

'...dreamy...fluid....remarkable album

Kathy Parsons, mainlypiano.com


'Concert for Civilization'


...a very stirring musical work of art
that combines classical, new age, and ambient stylings
in a deeply personal way...'

About the Tracks:
'..Very open and sparse..a brief but tantalizing tidbit..
Loosely structured, there is a strong feeling of reflection and exploration both emotionally and with the piano
- a very evocative musical statement that evolves organically and naturally, going through several mood changes
..light in tone, very dreamy and exploratory with sparkling notes in the upper registers and a fluid structure
- another very beautiful piece..'

Kathy Parsons, Solopianopublications / mainlypiano.com



'..Jsolco Ŕ un pianista olandese esponente raffinato della musica minimal.
La maggior parte della performance da PALAB sarÓ pura improvvisazione...'

Pianoconcert Palermo 9 may 2010


What can I say that expresses how I feel about this music?

 It is different from anything in piano that I've heard.

From the time I first heard it several yrs ago, to now, it has touched my inner core.

It is very emotional to me, as are the next two of Johan Bakker's cds.

This one, however, carried me through a very difficult time.

You have to "feel" this man's piano.


Marinell Smith, on CDbaby.com